Our first promo video!

Thanks Celia Hilton, owner of Momentus Films, for this brand new promo film! We love you and your work.

I’ve been waiting since October 2012 for a promo film that fully represented what a Ceremony Design Company budget-friendly wedding could look like. Celia attempted to shoot set-ups, and “a day in the life” type film last year. However, massive wind gusts on the beach squashed that entire plan, along with my hope for a fancy, cinematic, beautifully-edited, Momentus film. I can’t describe the disappointment.

But….Hello Silver Lining….now, we have this beauty! There’s even a little clip at the end where Lauren and I gave our “Congratulations and Confessions” in Celia’s Video Booth at Diane’s wedding. Here’s my Confession…Celia now offers her Video Booth at an *exclusive* rate for our Packages. Woohoo!



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